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Dundas Gaming events! [Nov. 1st, 2009|03:36 pm]
Hamilton Gamers

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Alright folks we've managed to get all the details down and we have plans!

 This coming Friday Nov. 6th 2009 At Dungeon comics in Downtown Dundas (Map here)  starting at 6pm We're going to run Munchkin!  and on Friday Nov 27th 2009 at 6pm We're going to run some tabletop rpgs. Info below cut

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Dungeon Comics potential monthly events. [Oct. 16th, 2009|11:06 am]
Hamilton Gamers

[Current Location |Dundasland]
[mood |creative]

Salut to one and all! 

 I come bearing the great news of a new comic/gaming store in Dundas. It's really easy to access from Jackson's Square you take the 52 Head street and Get off on King and Cross st in Dundas in front of Free-wheel cycle then all you do is backtrack up King street a few metres past the thirsty cactus and it's the first set of stairs leading down you'll see before the DQ.

 Now that you know where it is you should give the guy a look, He's still new and wodnering what people want to see so tell him already. He even has a budy who does really neat little paper sculptures and does commissions of people and wow figures too. Link here. He does orders from his site but you can go to the store and take a look in person.

 alright now that the plugging is out of the way here's the serious question. A few friends and myself want to run some monthly to semi monthly events at this place and are wodnering who would be interested in what. Our current ideas were run a monthly pen and paper rpg game long list to choose from but it'd likely be modules to begin with.

 Secondly we want to try a monthly board/card game night. We figure bring a few board games and junk food and generally hang out maybe try a new game or two. We're open to suggestions of when would be easiest for people to want to show up but it'd likely be an afternoon to evening thing.

Finally I have a terrible addiction to the card game Munchkin and to that end with to addict/enjoy my affliction with like minded individuals. I currently have access to Munchkin bites and will likely pick up some other sets if this thing gets off tha ground. I like to think of myself as a pretty good teacher so if you don't know the game I can promise it's easy to learn and a lot of fun once it gets going. Ideally I'd want to run it maybe on the 1st thursday of the month but I can be flexible about the date again probably an evening thing though i'm sure the afternoon is doable.

When I talk to the gent I'll do a better post with more solid details but as it stands right now anyone interested?

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Nerdvana [May. 29th, 2007|08:40 pm]
Hamilton Gamers

There appears to be a new game and hobby store opening on the Mountain, at Mohawk and Upper Ottawa - Dark (K?)night Games, I believe it's called. A sign in the front says it will open in June.
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Hammer Games - http://www.hammergames.org [May. 10th, 2007|10:24 am]
Hamilton Gamers
Hello everyone,

I'd like to plug a web site I'm managing, Hammer Games, which anyone subscribed to this LJ group will find interesting and possibly even useful.

The site is built to provide a communication conduit for roleplayers in Hamilton. You can use it to facilitate communication with your current group, or to find new games and people to play with. We currently offer a calendar for web scheduling of events, a forum for discussing games and finding local players or groups, and a wiki for doing everything else (storing character sheets and houserules, keeping information about your game, providing Actual Play reports and so on). In the future we may add 'Buy & Sell' and stuff like that as well, and we're always open for feature suggestions.

I'd like to note that there are no signup fees, advertising or anything like that. Its sole purpose is to promote the roleplaying hobby in Hamilton and surrounding areas, and nobody makes any money from it. The reason for this plug is that the site will only become really useful once it has reached a critical mass. So even if you have a group right now, sign up, add your game to the list, request a GM account and start using it! If you don't have a group, get an account and post on our "Gamers Seeking Gamers" forum. If you are dying to try a certain system, or want to run a one-shot, this is the right place to hook up and plan something.

So, please check the site out and tell your roleplaying friends about it! Also, if you find anything about the site confusing or lacking, please let me know - it is still a work in progress.

The URL is http://www.hammergames.org

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Come one, come all! [Mar. 2nd, 2007|11:00 am]
Hamilton Gamers


One night only!

A social/conference for those interested in learning more about getting into the gaming industry or just learning more about how it all works.

Our guests include;

Pieter Van Hiel (that's me!) - writer/author for Sanguine Productions
Jonathan Lavallee - Writer / Producer for CyberGenerations and an upcoming card game called Suitors
Robin D. Laws - Prolific RPG writer/author/designer/etc.
Kent Burles - Gaming Illustrator/Artist
Steve Tassie - Creator of the B-movie card game series
Ed Greenwood - Prolific writer, Forgotten Realms, library connoisseur
Malcolm Sheppard - White Wolf Author

8pm-11pm on Wednesday March 14th
Room A/B at Oakham House, 55 Gould St. Toronto
There will be light refreshments and door prizes!
Admission will be Pay what you can

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Hello! [Jan. 10th, 2007|10:16 am]
Hamilton Gamers

Hello, Hamilton Gamers!

Anyone want to have an LJ meet at Baycon?
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Changeling the Dreaming [Nov. 28th, 2006|01:09 am]
Hamilton Gamers

[Current Location |Hamilton]
[mood |creative]

I would like to start a Changeling game sometime between Christmas and the New Year. It will focus on the Time of Judgement, with a bit of a twist. (No, I'm not going to say what the twist is. :) ) Would anyone be interested in playing? Does anyone have any ideas on what they would like to see in such a game? Or any questions?
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Guardians of Order - RIP [Jul. 29th, 2006|06:05 pm]
Hamilton Gamers

So the my publisher (who printed and distributed Link:West) has officially died. Guardians of Order is out of business.

They didnt announce it as much as those who work closest with them are announcing it for them.

One of their most recent projects was an RPG adaptation of the Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. And according to Martin's website, he lists a news post that says they are done.

No this is not rumour. Their phone number is disconnected, and their office has been vacated. George had been working closely with Mark and his team to make sure the RPG reflected his book. He couldnt get a hold of them right away either. They are done.

It is sad. As much as I complain about my experience publishing with them, Mark and his team were a bunch of really good guys. I can say nothing but good things about their intentions.

It really makes me want to publish my stuff now. Just to prove I didnt go down with the ship.
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Hello [Jul. 28th, 2006|10:02 am]
Hamilton Gamers

[Current Location |Work]

I'm a friend of Artemidite, and am relatively new in Hamilton, so I wanted to introduce myself. I'm an avid video gamer, and have an interest in D&D and magic and card games (and I even run an online card game). I have two webcomics - ADVENTURERS! and Antihero for Hire. ADVENTURERS! is about console RPGs.

So, uh, hi.
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Canada Bound...Hamilton? [Jul. 18th, 2006|03:51 pm]
Hamilton Gamers
[Current Location |work]
[mood |curiouscurious]

Hello Hamilton,

My partner and I are actively looking to move to Canada (from Michigan), but before we start the Permanent Residence application, we're trying to find an area that looks like a decent place to live. We were looking at Thunder Bay, but further research through people who live there suggests that city isn't all it's advertised to be.

Hamilton came up in our search as looking somewhat affordable (not outrageous like Toronto or Vancouver), a decent-sized city (must have hi-speed internet, good shopping & restaurants), and economically stable.

What are your thoughts on Hamilton as an ultimate destination for future foreign-born Canadian citizens? We are planning on taking the citizenship test after the required time as permanent residents.

A little about us: We game (Call of Cthulhu, True20, Blue Rose, Mutants & Masterminds, others), we're both almost 40 years old, read voraciously, write speculative fiction, have academic interests in the supernatural and occult, are considered "odd", "strange", "weird" by our families (although our friends understand us perfectly), and have been accused of "making up" words when the inbred morons we have to talk to don't understand what we're saying. I work as a university secretary, and my partner works in banking.

Would we "fit in"? How's the job market? What do you NOT like about the area?

Any information you can give us is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (crossposted to thesteeldonut)
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