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Come one, come all! [Mar. 2nd, 2007|11:00 am]
Hamilton Gamers



One night only!

A social/conference for those interested in learning more about getting into the gaming industry or just learning more about how it all works.

Our guests include;

Pieter Van Hiel (that's me!) - writer/author for Sanguine Productions
Jonathan Lavallee - Writer / Producer for CyberGenerations and an upcoming card game called Suitors
Robin D. Laws - Prolific RPG writer/author/designer/etc.
Kent Burles - Gaming Illustrator/Artist
Steve Tassie - Creator of the B-movie card game series
Ed Greenwood - Prolific writer, Forgotten Realms, library connoisseur
Malcolm Sheppard - White Wolf Author

8pm-11pm on Wednesday March 14th
Room A/B at Oakham House, 55 Gould St. Toronto
There will be light refreshments and door prizes!
Admission will be Pay what you can