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Dungeon Comics potential monthly events. [Oct. 16th, 2009|11:06 am]
Hamilton Gamers


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Salut to one and all! 

 I come bearing the great news of a new comic/gaming store in Dundas. It's really easy to access from Jackson's Square you take the 52 Head street and Get off on King and Cross st in Dundas in front of Free-wheel cycle then all you do is backtrack up King street a few metres past the thirsty cactus and it's the first set of stairs leading down you'll see before the DQ.

 Now that you know where it is you should give the guy a look, He's still new and wodnering what people want to see so tell him already. He even has a budy who does really neat little paper sculptures and does commissions of people and wow figures too. Link here. He does orders from his site but you can go to the store and take a look in person.

 alright now that the plugging is out of the way here's the serious question. A few friends and myself want to run some monthly to semi monthly events at this place and are wodnering who would be interested in what. Our current ideas were run a monthly pen and paper rpg game long list to choose from but it'd likely be modules to begin with.

 Secondly we want to try a monthly board/card game night. We figure bring a few board games and junk food and generally hang out maybe try a new game or two. We're open to suggestions of when would be easiest for people to want to show up but it'd likely be an afternoon to evening thing.

Finally I have a terrible addiction to the card game Munchkin and to that end with to addict/enjoy my affliction with like minded individuals. I currently have access to Munchkin bites and will likely pick up some other sets if this thing gets off tha ground. I like to think of myself as a pretty good teacher so if you don't know the game I can promise it's easy to learn and a lot of fun once it gets going. Ideally I'd want to run it maybe on the 1st thursday of the month but I can be flexible about the date again probably an evening thing though i'm sure the afternoon is doable.

When I talk to the gent I'll do a better post with more solid details but as it stands right now anyone interested?

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