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Dundas Gaming events! [Nov. 1st, 2009|03:36 pm]
Hamilton Gamers


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Alright folks we've managed to get all the details down and we have plans!

 This coming Friday Nov. 6th 2009 At Dungeon comics in Downtown Dundas (Map here)  starting at 6pm We're going to run Munchkin!  and on Friday Nov 27th 2009 at 6pm We're going to run some tabletop rpgs. Info below cut


 Sitting at home bored on Friday night? Can't get your regular group together or annoyed with your roommate drinking all your juice? Come and get revenge and Dungeon comics at 6pm with Munchkin!

 Munchkin is a fast and fun card game made by Steve Jackson Games. You are adventurers in a dungeon searching for monsters to kill and treasure to gain. The catch: You're a greedy selfish individual and want it all for yourself! So do your fellow adventurers though so it's going to be a rough trip! You must kill the monsters and get the loot and then stab your buddy and take his stuff too!

Don't want to be an adventurer? Dungeons make you yawn? Try Munchkin Bites! Same great fun but now you're a sparkly vampire or a moony faerie or even a werewolf! Even better you get magic powers to use against your friends.

The game is fast and easy to learn so don't let inexperience slow you down at all. We'll have friendly people to help teach you what you need to know and even better if you buy something from the shop we'll give you a bonus! (Note) bonus may not be as sparkly and fantastic as implied.

Card games are boring? you want to make your own character down to each tiny detail? We can do that too! On Friday Nov 27th We'll be running tabletop rpgs. You can roll a character or use a premade one if you want to learn the ropes. New and experienced players gladly welcome.

 For our first week you have the choices between Star Wars Saga Edition or Shadowrun. Star Wars is what it sounds like lightsabers and swooshy noises abound! Tauntauns not so much. Shadowrun is set in a futuristic dystopia where magic abounds and orcs and elves work with humans in the sprawling corporations. you are a Shadowrunner hired by corporations to do small attacks against their enemies. This can range from something as simple as beating up an employee to sneaking into the buildings and getting some choice information. You have your group to back you up and even cybernetic enhancements which can range from a laser eye to enhanced reflexes and even the ability to go inside the net and interact with others! but beware, the dangers on the net are almost as scary as those lurking down the dark alleys you just passed.

Minor details: You are welcome to bring food or drink but please keep it clean as if we make a mess we can't come back. They sell some drinks as well.  No need for signup just come on by for 6pm.